ACS: Superman In Cloverdale

Superman & Lois Return to Cloverdale
By Ursula Maxwell-Lewis

Someone once said: “What’s special about Superman is that he will always make the right choice.” Well, he’s done it again. The Man of Steel and Lois Lane are returning to Cloverdale.

“We’re excited,” said Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair General Manager Mike MacSorley who confirmed that a Warner Bros Entertainment subsidiary has signed a five year lease (with an option to extend) with the City of Surrey for Cloverdale Fairgrounds space.”It’s been been a tough year and this will really improve the revenue stream.”

The Superman & Lois set includes a train station, newspaper office, post office, hardware store, bank, cinema, gas station and hotel. The structures were built in the Agriplex before being moved to Lot 8, the parking lot area next to the Cloverdale Horse Shoe Club, in preparation for shooting by November 1.

Tyler Hoechlin will star as Clark Kent/Superman, and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane.

Cloverdale, a Smallville filming location 10 years ago, is expected to reap tourism spin-off benefits, as will post pandemic Cloverdale Rodeos.

It has been agreed that areas of the set will be open to the public during production breaks. “Superman is expected to make the occasional surprise appearance,” MacSorley assured me.
A hint of magic and a dose of Daily Planet good news bodes well for Cloverdale.

Ursula Maxwell-Lewis is a travel journalist and photographer. Her columns appear regularly in the Spotlight on the Arts.