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Surrey International Writing Contest

Surrey's Poet Laureate, Renee Sarojini Saklikar

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Surrey International Writing Contest

Flex those fingers, writers! The 25th annual Surrey International Writers’ Conference Writing Contest is coming.

First prize for our Storyteller’s Award is $1000 and publication in Pulp Literature Journal. Runner’s up are also published, and receive $150.

The contest opens this year on April 1, 2017, and the final
deadline is Friday, September 22, 2017 at midnight
. Writers do not need to attend the conference to enter the contest.

Check out all the details at Questions? Contact for more information.

The 25th annual Surrey International Writers’ Conference will be held at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey, British Columbia, October 19-22, 2017. Authors, editors, publishers, agents – all the important characters on the literary scene will be there for a top-of-the-line professional development conference. Register early, as last year’s conference sold out!

For more information check the website at


Surrey's Poet Laureate, Renee Sarojini Saklikar, launched her legacy book project Surrey Stories Connect:: Teens and Seniors Write Surrey on May 12 at City Centre Library.  The intergenerational and intercultural exchanges in the book serve to highlight just how much has changed in Surrey, geographically and culturally, and yet reminds us how similar we all are. Saklikar hopes that this book will serve as a model going forward for others as well as to “nurture new ideas for connection and exchange through the written word and story-sharing across and among this city's diverse community”

Inquire at the library about getting a free copy.


or our website? Here are the guidelines on how you do it !

What a We Want:
1) 300 to 900 word short stories (fiction or non-fiction). We also accept short poetry works.
2) Do you have new book, or anthology, in the market? Let us know. We may be interested in an interview, or review.
3) Tell us about your latest awards, or publishing successes. These will be shared with readers when space is available.
4) Letters. Again, based on space, we may be able to feature them.  Focus and brevity are key here.

How We Want It:
1) E-mail, in plain text format, to attn. editor
2) No PDF files, scanned images of a book, or sound files of you reading the story. Messages formatted in HTML are fine, but if you know how to turn it off, we prefer plain text.
3) Send it from the e-mail address at which you want us to correspond with you. No multiple email addresses.On the Subject line: Spotlight: Title of Story (or Poetry piece). NOT "Submission".
In the body of the message, what we want is as follows:
  1. Your name. (Your real name. The story can have a different byline, and we’ll credit that byline in public, but we need to know who’s legally offering us this story and to whom the cheque should be written.)
  2. Your mailing address. Confidential, but key to getting a cheque.
  3. A BRIEF cover statement. List a few of your publication credits. Tell us if the story has been published before, tell us when and where. If there’s anything we need to know about available rights, tell us that too. Your mini bio: just a few lines you’d like to share with readers. Remember, space is limited.
  4. The word count of the story, rounded to the nearest hundred words. Don’t go nuts over which word count method to use, or whether to round up or down. We pay flat rate; we really don’t care. We just want a ballpark so we know how long it’ll take to read.
  5. The title of the story.
  6. The story’s byline. (Optional if it’s the same as your legal name.)
The text of the story. Use single spacing, with blank lines between paragraphs and _underscores_ for emphasis.



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