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I find pain to talk about my happiness
Because I feel it hasn’t been obtained

Like I over appreciate things
When I do not care

I don’t love
Or even like
The small things that come my way

Gratitude for what I have
Rests at bay

But I have so much to be grateful for,
I just don’t let these emotions poor

So much to smile about,
But I never let people know

It is as if I am waiting
To make a mistake
So that beauty is taken away,
And I feel life from within

But how can I?

Even though, gratitude feels like a forced smile sometimes
I understand to not be grateful,
Is like a crime

Not always easy
But better than undermining moments,
And under appreciating
The days

And the way
They hold us

(This poem has been published in Cedar Booklets.)

Create Art With Your Peers!
Teen Art Drop-in

Teen Art Drop In: Come hang out after school and unwind with creativity. This is a fun opportunity to team up on artworks or work on our own individual projects. Make new friends while creating art. | City Centre Library, 10350 University Dr, Surrey| Sept 25 (Room 120), Oct 30 (Teen Lounge), Nov 27 (Room 120) | Ecole Salish Secondary, 7278 184 St, Surrey| Sept 9, 16, 23 , Oct 28 , Nov 25 , Dec 2 (Art Classroom) | For further details contact Sean Bindra at 604-591-4661 or communityart@surrey.ca | surrey.ca

YACOS: A Year In Review


Opportunities such as continuing auditions or Calls To Artist that have no deadline.


We are the Youth Arts Council of Surrey (YACOS)! We are a volunteer arts group run by youth for youth, and it’s our goal to create opportunities for young people in the arts. We provide these opportunities throughout the year through large-scale events such as talents shows, play-writing competitions, film festivals and fashion shows.

All of our members and participants are 13-21 years old, and either live or go to school in school in Surrey, BC. The Arts Council of Surrey (ACS) is our parent organization who provides us with a safe meeting space at the Newton Cultural Centre. The ACS provides us with a mentorship program and services to support our artistic endeavours.

We work on many annual projects such as a playwriting competition [Write On!], City-wide talent show [Surrey Shines!] a talent showcase [Canvas Coffee House], and a fashion show [Y.E.S. Runway]

By working on the youth council, we have the chance to discover who we are, to meet people from other backgrounds and to learn exciting new skills. At the same time, the events we organize are the perfect opportunities for Surrey youth to show off their talents to the community.

YACOS is currently working to provide opportunities for young people to become actively involved in the local Surrey Arts community. Our Youth Coordinator, an experienced Mentor from the Arts community, works with us to develop programs by and for youth. In 2004 the major community theatre project “Let Me Sing” raised enough money to help get us started.

The way we work is: Surrey’s youth provide the ideas and proposals, and then we get together with mentors in the community to make it all work.



Amrit, Chair
Shubi, Vice Chair

MEMBERS: Wendy, Himadri, Fareed, Bakhtiar, Min Jy, Linda, Gurmehak, Tina, Pam, Simmie and Maro

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We welcome all questions you may have about the many benefits of becoming a YACOS member. Please call us at 604-594-2700 or email us at youthartscouncil@gmail.com.

Please fill out form and send to:
By Email: youthartscouncil@gmail.com
By Mail: 13530 72nd Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 2P1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/youth arts council of surrey


When the Arts Council of Surrey established YACOS they knew that ‘experience is a great teacher’ when it comes to the Arts and the business of the Arts. To this end, the ACS set up a Mentorship program that young artists can tap into when creating work or producing events and fund raisers. Today YACOS enjoys an incredible synergy with a number of leaders in the business, municipal and arts communities.

Lyn Vera-Lay

Petra Barker [Guildford Town Centre]
Beth Barlow [Chief Librarian, City of Surrey]
Catherine Bayley [School District #36]
Glen Chua and Tim Reyes [MOONLiTE Productions]
KC Gilroy [Former Coordinator]
Barb Gould [Writer]
Jarnail Singh [Artist]
Chris Thornley [Thornley Hayne Creative Communications]
Barb Wolfe [Surrey Arts Centre]

Paula Cooper,Kiran Dhillon, Trisha Dulku, Jaspreet Kalsi, Gurinder Kalsi, Winnie Liu, Lynn Vo, Isuru Withanage, Tina Yang and Tony Yang