ACS: New ‘Instructional Series’ Launched

We are looking for INSTRUCTIONAL Videos of you creating a new visual arts Technique or perfecting an old one; teaching a new dance step or playing a new tune on piano or guitar that you wrote; or reading your spoke-word or poem or latest excerpt from your new prose….anything that will help your fellow artist advance their current level or …

HUMOUR: Banksy exhibits his own stay-at-home art!

The ACS has invited fellow Surrey artists to share their COV-ART© in the SPOTLIGHT May edition and again in June with our TOGETHER…apART© Visual arts online exhibition. While we have receive some incredible work ( keep it coming people) – we thought we would take a look at what world renown artist BANKSY was up too – and he didn’t …

FUNDING: Links To Possible Revenue Sources Due To Covid-19

We will keep this POST active for the foreseeable future and provide updated information on funding source available to the arts community. • Arts Alliance has organized a page to help artists receive benefits, from online shows to mental health support: • BC Arts Council: • Canada Council: • Heritage Canada: • Federal Announcements:

PERFORMANCE: A ‘Canada’ Song To Cheer You Up

HOW ABOUT A LITTLE LUAHG OR SMILE – think this one will achieve both! Here is a funny little tune by a fellow Canadian artist who wants to remind people of what Canada was, is and will be about for many years to come. If you have a song you created and would like to share with us – send …

BRANDING: 6 Steps by Giesbrecht

Be sure to take a look at Katina’s other works at her website and we encourage you to read her article ‘Reflections…on the Covid-19 Crisis’, featured in the May edition of SPOTLIGHT on the ARTS [Access Article Here]