Satveer Leaves ACS Office Staff

SATVEER LADHAR: My Summer With The Arts Council of Surrey

As a post-secondary student with little exposure with the arts community, working with the Arts Council of Surrey has been an enriching experience. I have made many cherished memories with the Arts Council. I have had the opportunity to experience all of the work that goes into community events such as; the Surrey International Children’s Festival, the ARTS 2017 Juried Art Show, Cloverdale Market Days, Surrey’s Canada Day and Fusion Festival – but the one that will always stand out most is from the Surrey International Children’s Festival. It had been only my second day on the job and I was tasked with attending the Festival to help oversee the performing arts. When it came time for the Wild Moccasin Dancers to perform, they sought out an adult volunteer from the crowd. I was surrounded by children, so naturally I stuck out like a sore thumb; one of the young women on stage pointed to me and said “You, smiling with the glasses, come join us on stage!” I froze- I’m not much of a dancer, and I contemplated refusing the offer, but I decided to be a good sport and get up on stage. I tried my best to keep up with the steps they taught, however my lack of coordination left me feeling embarrassed. Now I look back on it fondly and laugh.
I greatly appreciate the chance I had to work with the Arts Council of Surrey, I gained some valuable professional experience and really enjoyed myself – I wish the organization great success and growth in the future!