ACS | Community Theatre Coalition Scholarship | DL July 15, 2023

Community Theatre Coalition Scholarship

To Recognize and Honour Excellence in Community Theatre

Application Guidelines and Criteria

• The last CTC Scholarship(s)will be awarded to an individual(s)entering a program in a field of study related to theatre and/or stagecraft; e.g. set, lighting, sound, wardrobe, hair, or makeup design; prop building; scenic painting; stage management; direction; playwriting; choreography; acting; musical theatre or dance.

• Candidates must demonstrate proof of acceptance or enrolment into the program(s) for which the scholarship applies.

• This scholarship does not apply to out-of-province courses.

• The scholarship is open to people aged 16 years or over.

• The amount of each scholarship will not exceed $500.

• The granting of any scholarship(s) and their amount(s) shall be at the sole discretion of the CTC Scholarship Committee.

• Applicants may be asked to have a brief interview with CTC Scholarship Committee.

• Applications should be submitted to the CTC Scholarship Committee through Stan Engstrom ( ) by July 15,2023.Application Date:

Applicant Name:

Mailing Address:

Email: Phone(s):

Name and address of institution or company offering the course or program:

Name(s) and description of course(s) or program(s) being entered into:

Duration of course(s) or program(s) in weeks, months or years:

Program start date: Cost of course or program: $

Affiliations/involvement with CTC member club(s) or individual(s), if any, and nature of those relationships:

Include a short letter about yourself.

Best Regards, CTC Board of Governors