Gail Lynn Hall was born in Vancouver, B.C. and is a graduate of Lord Tweedsmuir and Semiamhoo High School in Surrey B.C She has BEd in Fine and Performing Arts and an MA in Creativity from SFU.

Gail enjoys exploring traditional and inventive mediums and techniques in visual and photographic art. A recent collection of photographs documents the many hundreds of Vancouver’s Murals located throughout the city.


Patricia was born and raised in Halifax and started her painting journey at age 11, inspired by the beautiful Nova Scotia landscape.

As an adult she has always been drawn to color and art in many forms, leading to successful careers as a makeup artist, photographer as well as in nail artistry.

At age 52 after a particularly long and stressful year Patricia sought an escape and once again picked up her paintbrushes. This outlet to relieve her stress soon reignited her passion as an artist and she has been painting ever since, trying different mediums and finding a favorite in oils.

As a mother to three beautiful, strong and intelligent children of color, Patricia has always had strong ties to the black community and it’s culture has acted as a catalyst for her work. She finds her muse in the strength, beauty, power and resilience of the women and hopes this comes through in her work.