ACS VIRTUAL GALLERY | May 2023 | Antonio [Hyeok] Lee

Embracing Our Differences'

ARTIST STATEMENT | Hyeok Lee has been inspired by Encountering that comes in accidental and vague expectations. People live with their own familiarity and stability in respective positions. At one point, however, they must encounter each other, and it may occur a conflict or harmony. Hyeok visually expresses the harmony from the encountering. The balanced image on the canvas indirectly suggests a positive future of mankind that the artist wishes. He believes an ethos of soberness is needed to make a harmonious future when people encounter others.

Hyeok gives the appreciator an opportunity to reveal creative observations. The irregular shapes in this work have absolutely different figures and are facing or overlapping each other in a respective position. However, a viewer can find a visual stability among the fullness and emptiness which is created by Hyeok. On the other hand, the reductive structures created only with lines and colourfield may convey an unpleasant feeling to the viewer. This embarrassment is a positive phenomenon. For example, if it is too easy to see, it is because it's too familiar to us. In making creative observations, a familiar feeling slows down our visual perception development.

Encountering a new image and figuring out what it is by viewer’s own creativity is the moment when a creative visual perception is expressed. The artist's work naturally encourages observers to reveal the creative visual perception.

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