ROBERT GUNNING | Joy of Summer

Been painting for over 50 years, but became serious seven years ago when I retired. Self-taught but my inspiration is nature. As a gardener nature’s variety of colors and water reflections of small ripples fascinates me.

As a realist painter there is a great deal of detail in my work. The West Coast region is so green, lush and vibrant, so many colors to fill my canvas.

I have shown at ACS Gallery, Plaskett Gallery, Surrey and New Westminster libraries, and many other juried shows and Galleries. To find a complete set of my work checkout my website at

ROSITA HERAT | The Natural World

Rosita Herat lives in Surrey, BC and enjoys painting a variety of subjects inspired by nature from animals, to birds, trees and landscapes. She believes that Art is a calling and gift. Her goal is to create art to an audience that would connect them to the natural world. Rosita uses different mediums and uses vibrant and bold colours in her paintings.