ARTS2021 | Exhibition

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The ACS and Surrey Art Gallery [SAG] are pleased to present this virtual exhibition of ARTS2021. You can witness this incredible exhibition in person by visiting the SAG located in the Surrey Arts Centre [13750 88 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 3L1]. Please visit their site to access viewing conditions and requirements | CLICK HERE

Meanwhile, we invite you to enjoy a virtual exhibition of entries as you scroll down. There are five categories exhibiting the winners in each, plus you will be able to access all entries by clicking on the ALL ENTRIES button below each gallery.

Want to know what the artist inspiration was behind their winning pieces? You can by watching the video interviews with the winning artists!

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...however, before you visit these fine exhibitions, we invite you to watch this video featuring the interview with the winning artist in each category - to gather some insight into their inspiration and creative approach to their work!

ARTS2021 | Painting

...and the winning entries are

First Place: Mika Zhu | The Lost Piece Of The Puzzle
Second Place: Yvette Lauer | Red Scarf
Third Place: Antonio Lee | Encounter
Hon. Mention: Steven Robinson | Interminate

ARTS2021 | Painting | ALL ENTRIES

ARTS2021 | Drawing, Mixed Media and Print Making Paper

...and the winning entries are

First Place: Susan Jessop | Layer
Second Place: Claire Huang | Window
Third Place: Ethan Conde | Abstract Cupboard
Hon. Mention: Tom Douglas | Death And Consequences

ARTS2021 | Drawing, Mixed Media and Print Making Paper | ALL ENTRIES

ARTS2021 | Sculptures and Fibre Art

...and the winning entries are

First Place: Mohinder Singh Kundhal | The Bird
Second Place: Jenny Jia | Head Up
Third Place: Jude Campbell | Taking The One Seat
Hon. Mention: Gabriella Kardosi &
Murray Sanders | Reverence of Existence

ARTS2021 | Sculptures and Fibre Art | ALL ENTRIES

ARTS2021 | Photography

...and the winning entries are

First Place: Jonathan Lee | Vernon Drive Grocery
Second Place: Munir El Kadi | Flight
Third Place: Kathleen Gaitt | Configurations | Diptych
Hon. Mention: Larry Breitkreutz | Spring Majesty

ARTS2021 | Photography | ALL ENTRIES

ARTS2021 | Digital, Performative and New Media Art

...and the winning entries are

First Place: Gabriel King | Cosmic Landscape
Second Place: Branislav Vrbaski | Ibar Vodo [see video below] Third Place: Yathharthha Kaushal | RC Roboto
Hon. Mention: Helga Parekh | He Loves Me

ARTS2021 | Digital, Performative and New Media Art | ALL ENTRIES