This page is designed to provide you with insight and inspiration in your creative field of choice. It could be a painting technique, a new dance step or a new way to pen those thoughts you have stored away in your frontal cortex!

We invite artists in the visual, performing and literary arts to share a vdieo with their fellow artisans. Produce a 3-5 minute video and send it to us via a file sharing program such as WETRANFER.COM ( choose the free option) and we will post it to our site. You can also send us the embeded link to your youtube channel – either way we invite you to share your creative tips.

[September 2020]

WITH WENDY MOULD | Getting Ready for Outdoor Sketching is key to your success. I like to find a spot. Stop. Sketch. This can be along a trail, at the beach, on a tour. Anywhere, I find an interesting spot and have a few minutes. The key to successfully working Outdoors is to be prepared. My materials, snacks and sketchbook all organized, easy to whip out and ready to go. Check out my video and get yourself ready to roll. I look forward to seeing you on the trail. Check out and join Wendy’s blog spot at

[September 2020]

BY MELISSA PEACOCK | A watercolour commission of a cat brings me focus and direction in an otherwise directionless time. A quick timelapse, which contains a personal update from March about coping with the COVID shutdown as an aspiring artist..

[August 2020]

by MELISSA PEACOCK | Creating a Paper CAnvass…Aha, finally getting out the staple gun and reusing some old canvas stretchers with this watercolour paper.

The POWER of the LINE
[August 2020]

BY WENDY MOULD – Watercolour and Pen Work are great friends. They love to play together; the sharp, dark, crisp line is a perfect balance for the soft, colourful, wash of watercolour. Together they can demonstrate the POWER of the LINE. The line captures and holds shapes together and yet can separates as well. It can move a shape forward or send it too the back. Join Wendy in this SketchBooking Activity and discover for yourself the POWER of the LINE. Read more: Post: June 11, 2020This is another installment by Wendy to the ACS Instructional Series available online at

How An Artist Statement Can CHANGE Your Art
[July 2020]

BY MELISSA PEACOCK – when you’re trying to come up with any idea for a creative piece and the worst stuff comes out, just put it in a book. Or be selfish and make the thing. You can make anything relatable.

Moving Away From Perfection
[July 2020]

[ED NOTE: Wendy’s vlog SKETCHBOOKING Part 1 (scroll down) has had nearly 50 hits in just 30 days! Congrats Wendy on your popular vlog]
By WENDY MOULD – The idea of Perfection is a Scary. It often rears its ugly head for most artists at some point or other. And certainly, in the realm of sketchbooking. Somehow those beautiful crisps white pages become precious and hard to mark on. I think it must be much like a writer when he faces a blank page. This sketchbook activity is a chance to Move Away from Perfection and yet still helps you meet your goals: enjoyable activity, opportunity to learn new things and produce an interesting result. Have fun with it. Learn more Painting and Drawing Tips on my Blog –

MONOTYPE: Producing Unique Art Work
[June 2020]

BY KATINA GIESBRETCH – Katina Giesbretch is an artist, a designer and a graphics designer for creative entrepreneurs. She is also a web designer and brand-developer. You can reach Katina at @katina_giesbrecht [Music:]

MONOTYPING: Def | Monotyping is a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface. The surface, or matrix, was historically a copper etching plate, but in contemporary work it can vary from zinc or glass to acrylic glass.

SKETCH BOOKING: Rabbit in the Garden
[May 2020]

by Wendy Mould, AFCA, CDM is a wildlife artist, teacher, presenter and blogger on Painting, Drawing and Marketing for Artists.

Using Art Supplies You Have Been Saving FOREVER!
[May 2020]

by Melissa Peacock paints flora and fauna in an illustrative style, using watercolour and other media. She briefly studied fine arts at Kwantlen University, focusing on studio arts and colour theory, but left the school in 2010 to play with cakes at Vancouver Community College. Melissa’s artwork occasionally shows in local juried exhibitions within Surrey, BC. These days, however, she spends most of her art time sharing her painting process on her Youtube channel and website.