MARCH 2020

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Just Another Memory

written by: Sanjana Karthik
Grade 10 student

I know I had to earn it,
I just wanted to feel secure.
Like I’m more than a memory to you.
Because my heart was in the right place.
Wanting to belong in your care,
For longer than time could trace.
Your love; a dream I never dreamt,
Those many moons ago.
It was all so real to me,
But ‘just an experience’ for you.
The happy days were just an illusion,
Lies resting beneath past shared smiles,
Because all it was,
Was emptiness in disguise.
When I looked into your eyes,
I saw everything I despised,
Everything I adored
Was darkened in remorse.
Your eyes full of regret,
While your heart longs for freedom.
You say your goodbye
With a smile
Hidden inside.
With no foundation for the love we shared,
Not a single ounce of care coming my way.
You discard me so easily,
As if I was made of thin air.

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