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Intrepid reporter Ursula Maxwell-Lewis broke the news just before the publishing deadline for the May 2020 SPOTLIGHT on the ARTS. The SiWC Conference has been moved on-line and will now take place via video-conferencing from Oct 22-25th, 2020.
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Grandpa’s Homestead – Haiku Storybook

by Ben Nutall-Smith

This was Grandpa’s farm;
used to live here years ago.
No one stays here now.

Rotted roof sags down;
screen door banging never stops.
Weeds grow through the floor.

Swimsuit calendar
hanging from a rusty nail –

Ghosts of yesteryear
whisper softly through the cracks,
carried by the breeze.

Grey moth beats its wings
against the dusty window,
flutters ‘till it dies.

Combine harvester
sitting idle by the barn,
rusting in the weeds.

Not so long ago,
fields of wheat and barley grew.
Now they’ve gone to seed.

Fill your lungs with sweet
fragrances of lavender,
mint and dusty dreams.

If I close my eyes,
I can smell the apple pie
Grandma used to bake.

See her at the sink,
hear her croon her lullaby.
Such a happy song.

Laughter rings like bells –
children in the apple tree
calling as they climb.

Nature rules here now;
gophers chatter on the hill,
swallows build their nests

Raccoon kneads his hands
like a hungry alderman.
Cheeky little chap.

Barn mouse rubs pink paws;
Spider spins her silver lair;
owl hoots from on high.

Splattering of rain:
shards of sound like crystal bells.
Echoes in the night.

Sparkling spider web,
radiant in the wet moonlight.
Captured barn mouse screams.

In nature’s Morse Code,
crimson-headed woodpecker
taps to find a meal.

Bugs in the henhouse;
Spiders weave in every crack –
Chickens lay their eggs.
Bantam hen flaps by
with her brood of yellow chicks
kicking up the dust.

Crowds of daffodils,
splattering the countryside,
spread their golden hue.

Friendly butterflies
flutter round the hollyhocks.
Tiny whiskers wave.

Grandpa’s ginger cat
never chased the butterflies;
only rats and mice.

Just beneath the porch
Grandpa’s hat lies in the dust
mice have made their nest.

Grandpa moved to town;
visits with his grandchildren,
not so far away.

JJ LEE relates the ways and means that a writer must consider in order to make a profession ( aka a living) from the written word.

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