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Doreen Brust Johnson, Authour

I am so thrilled to have published my fourth book, The Wild Rose Bush with a fifth following close behind. This is a new career later in life learning new technology.
Writing whatever goes through my mind, words flew out faster than my fingers could hit the keys. I had to take 4 months off for health reasons. Then deleted forty pages. Three more months later upon my second return I rewrote one character. Now I had it right.
Anna was widowed with two young children. She met another lady to find her husband was in jail. Her feelings told her to befriend this lonely lady. Wanda was not living the life that Anna knew. By now I had made friends with both ladies.
My old laptop decided to quit. It was too old for repairs. I borrowed another older than mine only to learn a new application. It had no page counter. Again thinking of closing down it too began to have even bigger issues. My now 82 year old brain was frustrated.
Refusing to set up properly I contacted my publisher who said no problem. Send it to me. I was embarrassed to turn in messy work. Now arthritis has taken a big hold. I now need to write via voice recorder. Again I am learning.
I am proud to give back by having my four books in the library as well as on e-book. With writing and reading I am still learning. My dream of 60 years has come true.
Savouring Memories
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JJ LEE relates the ways and means that a writer must consider in order to make a profession ( aka a living) from the written word.

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