JULY 2021

PHOTO: Joseph Boaz

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CITY | Join Us for Summer POP! | Performance Outdoors in the Park

This summer get your fresh air theatre on. Surrey Civic Theatres is thrilled to present Summer POP! Over the summer months, Surrey Civic Theatres has lined up a variety of performances and activities for people to enjoy in the great outdoors. Get tickets for Surrey Civic Theatres’ Glades Garden Stage Series. Over the summer, there will be a variety of performances to enjoy including productions for grown-ups and children. Enjoy a POP! Summer Stroll through Bear Creek Park or Darts Hill Garden. Immerse yourself in POP! Self-Directed Activities. This part of the summer series is exactly as it sounds. Take yourself to the park and let the QR Codes guide you. It’s like a theatrical treasure hunt. POP! Self-directed Activities use QR codes in public parks and participants experience the activity at their own pace. There will be three experiences to enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our beautiful city parks soon. Tickets are limited. Get your tickets today.

Want to know what you are getting into before you contact this great group? Take a look at the performance in the video below and check out all the smiling faces – these people are having fun and creating art …why not join them?!

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