FEBRUARY…Warm You’re Hearts, Support the Arts


One of the nice things about February is the knowledge that spring is only a month and a half away – a good feeling after a long and dreary winter. Remember February is Leap Year, so it won’t be a short month. Various cultures have assigned important occasions to do. Groundhog Day, Family Day, National Flag Day and Chinese New Year – Jan 25 with Festival to end February 8 and it’s the Year of the Rat.

February is also the month that many people celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. I thought about it and here are some of the things I love about Surrey: our cultural diversity, the beautiful parks, recreational facilities and community activities in Holland Park. The Newton Cultural Centre, where arts and community come together, and our youth group: Youth Arts Council of Surrey, and of course, the Surrey Festival of Dance.

In addition, I am proud of the work being done by the Arts Council board members and am I constantly amazed at the creative striving of our member groups. We are very pleased with the partnership we have forged with the City in which arts are celebrated and funded.

Newton Cultural Centre will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. Yes, it has been ten years since Arts Council of Surrey moved into our home for the arts. We are planning to do a “Sneak Peek Weekend”. Join us by bringing your performers, your visual arts, your crafts and, most of all, yourself, to the festivity which is in the works. Start planning and let’s have a grand celebration.

Read further into Spotlight magazine to learn more about what is happening in the Art Community in the month of February and remember to do something this month that celebrates your love of the Arts.

Please note there are no meetings in June, July, August and December. The next general meeting is Tuesday, February 11th at 7:15pm at the Newton Cultural Centre.

The 2020 AGM is scheduled for Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 in the Newton Cultural Centre

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