Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone!


This is a special time of celebration for people of many cultures and religious beliefs. We wish you peace, prosperity and happiness as we honour the diversity of the many religious traditions that are celebrated in our community, including Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Muharram. Joy to the World!

As many of us know, it is possible to have a wonderful time on a small budget, but there are those less fortunate in our community. The Arts Council of Surrey and the Newton Cultural Centre will be accepting arts supplies or funds again this year for the “Surrey’s Future Artists of Tomorrow” (Surrey Christmas Bureau), Sunday December 13 between 10am-1pm, NCC parking lot – drive thru drop off service. (see page 13 of SPOTLIGHT on the ARTS } CLICK HERE)

This year, when you think of Christmas preparations, realize that all you do is somehow related to creating art – a much focused kind of art. What is decorating but a form of art? From the cards you pick or make, the way you set the table, the music you choose to listen to, decorating your tree and homes, wrapping your gifts, it’s all an art form. You plan and deliberate over what gift to give loved ones and friends….and that is exactly what an artist of any media does when they decide on their next project.

A special “Thank you to all the ACS Members for your support of the Arts and for keeping the arts community alive and growing. On behalf of myself, ACS directors, staff and volunteers we wish you the best of the season and a wonderful new year.

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