Thanksgiving, Pumpkins & Halloween…O My!


October brings Thanksgiving and pumpkins and Halloween. It’s colourful and crisp and crunchy with falling leaves.

Thanksgiving falls Monday October 9th, bringing family and friends together in warmth and happiness. Halloween, Tuesday October 31 sends those very same loved ones out in the dark to scare the heck out of family and friends.

October and the arts have a lot in common. They provide us with contrasts. In stories and movies, we cheer for the good guy and boo the bad. In performing arts, we watch in awe as dancers make impossible leaps, and musicians play intricate notes, as actors bring characters to life, and all the while, we are nervously waiting for the wrong move or the missed note. In visual arts the contrasts hit the viewer in the eye. From traditional to abstract, minimalist to heavily layered, the differences are extreme. And in all cases, written, performing and visual, the differences are what make a good artist in any field.

Check out the Call for Entry to the “Christmas Card Contest” the deadline for submissions is October 31, 2017 @3:30.

In the ACS gallery at the NCC for October is “Artswest Fall Art Show” from October 2 – 30 with opening reception October 14, 1- 3 pm.

It’s also time to celebrate Surrey’s Civic Treasures on October 3, at the SBOT “Business and the Arts” event at the Surrey Art Centre. This year we have three amazing laureates: Jim Trimble, Robert Gary Parkes and Heidi Greco.

What a great month to enjoy family and friends and to take the little ones out to collect treats, have fun, get all dressed up …and eat a candy or two (for me).

ACS President