A Time To Explore Something NEW!


Happy New Year! I have just come back from visiting my amazing grandkids over the Christmas Break and am looking forward to all that 2023 will bring for us here at the Arts Council of Surrey. It is always a joy to hear the laughter and conversations of our patrons as they participate in events, classes, or while visiting the gallery. From young to young-at-heart, we appreciate every interaction and hope that you will be able to stop by and say hello in-person this year.

I am happy to announce that nominations are now open for our Business and the Arts Award and Outstanding Service to the Arts Award! We continue to be encouraged by the boundless support of our creative community and know that you have someone special that you want to recognize for their dedication to the arts.

The Arts Council continues to grow thanks to the effort of our small but mighty staff, Cory Woodcock, Amanda Smith-Weston, Aman Bakshi, Lyn Verra-Lay, Patty Halliday, and Paul Thompson. They take on new jobs and keep the previous ones running smoothly as they always do.

A special thank you also goes to ACS board of directors and directors at large, Maxine Howchin, Wendy Mould, Ken Bradshaw, Helmut Gruntorad, Melanie Minty, Marc Pelech for all their support.

The ACS wishes artists of all types a very Happy New Year. Our resolution here is to continue to bring you joy, art, and community.

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