SURREY STREET ART | Covid Centre Project


THE ACS is proud to have teamed up with United Way, Fraser Health, City of Surrey and Opus Art Supplies to bring visually stimulating art work into the COVID vaccination cetnres. The idea was to provide a space that welcome those coming in for their vaccination and also to expose them to local art talents. Over 30 pieces were submitted for this project.

Please take the time to review them in the GALLERY below!


#1 Aliya Hussain
Flowers, Fields, and Frolicks
My piece explores warm pastel tones through a sunset in a countryside meadow. The piece sets a mellow and comforting mood. I wish to bring relief to those affected by COVID-19.

#2 Juanita Lawson
A Little Bit of Heaven
On travelling along our beautiful coast with its many inlets give me a wonderful sense of peace, taking away my stress and anxiety of the day. The forests and the ocean waves always make me smile when I think of the natural beauty before me!

#3 Amy Hedges
The Flower of Awesomeness
Amy’s picture is inspired off of a past art project she did in school.

#4 Anna Hall

#5 Chiao Chiao Yang
During the pandemic, humans get a lot of time to figure out how to self-reflect on the past, live in the present, and look to the future. Most of the time, I get along with myself, sit on a bench and rest, fall into the muse, imagine the way of life, and look forward to a bright, peaceful and sunny future.

#6 Elayne Preston
The Barn at Tynehead
"During the pandemic months, I spent a lot of time walking in Tynehead Regional Park. Each week, I would meet a friend there to walk (maintaining social distancing). We each would bring our thermos of hot tea/coffee and catch up, while sitting at opposite ends of the picnic table. Tynehead Park brought us safely and sanely out of those pandemic times. The Barn, perched on the crest of the hill, always makes me smile when I pass it.”

#7 Ellie Hanson
The Future is Bright
Flowers are nature’s fireworks and their beauty is designed to delight & thrill us, warm our hearts and souls, & bring us peace, contentment, and joy. When we give the gift of love, care, & special compassion to others, we generally express it with the gift of flowers.

#8 Giavonna Voischos
Delicate Butterfly
The artwork that I have chosen to paint is one of a beautiful butterfly making its way to rest upon a giant flower to retire from a long journey. This reminds me of all the times my sister and I use to spend hours running around catching butterflies as kids up at our family cabin.

#9 Glenda Mantle
Sunny Skies & Butterflies
The world has been in pandemic mode for a year and a half, and the forecast for our future depends on how much social mixing resumes, and what kind of prevention we implement.
Our future will depend on nature, science, and the choices made by governments and individuals. My design incorporates sunflowers which symbolize hope, positivity, & strength..and butterflies, which have become a metaphor for transformation, symbolizing resurrection, hope, endurance, and courage to embrace the changes to make life better!

#10 Greg Gregory
It's a picture of a Heron taking refuge attempting to camouflage in the brush next to the water of Nicomekl River.

#11 Helmut Gruntorad
Salar de Uyuni Salt Desert in Bolivia
The Salar de Uyuni is a vast salt flat in Bolivia surrounded by snow capped volcanos
and cactus covered islands. Spending a few hours there is an unforgettable experience.

#12 Honeylyn Amaga
Sun Lit Peaks
This planned design is inspired by the famous glacially fed Moraine lake. This artwork is intended to showcase the beauty of nature. With those sun lit peaks that creates color to the rockies and give that iconic view to all onlookers.

#13 Ileta Buenaventura
Fraser River from Surrey Bend
Across from Surrey Bend Regional Park one can see Barnston Island. I love to watch tugboats, small planes and lots of birds from this quiet spot beside the Fraser. We all need to appreciate what we have here in B.C. during these trying times. I would be so honoured to contribute something to this project.

#14 Isabelle Widde
Sunset by the Water
This design was inspired by her trip out paddle boarding along local waterways. Isabelle is a 10-year-old artist who loves to paint. She loves painting with watercolours as well as acrylics and oil pastels. She enjoys hiking and paddle boarding around the city of Surrey. She is also a cub with Scouts Canada and loves helping out around the community.

#15 Jaqueline Dionne
Apple Tree
I have a hobby of foraging. I love the apple tree in the photograph. It is the shape of the tree every child draws. It is round on a solid trunk and it casts a round shadow. Once there was a woman sitting below it seeking shelter from the elements. This tree supports us in so many ways. We eat from it, we breath it, we get sheltered by it. Other creatures use it the same.

#16 Jaswinder Johal
Love Nature
My painting shows the calming aspect of nature and how beautiful it can truly be. It comes in an array of colours that merge as one to create a breathtaking scenery.

#17 Jenny Lewis
Cherry Blossoms
I love the change of winter to spring. Plants come to life again. Cherry blossom trees are magnificent when they are in full bloom, it enhances the beauty of the landscape around them.

#18 Judy Lewis
Peaceful Evening
This was a beautiful dusk photo just before sunset at Cumberland Lake Park in Comox. So peaceful and the sky had such vibrant colours. Bright blues, cornflower yellow, and scarlet pink. Beautiful photo at the end of a great day at the lake!

#20 Lou James
De-constructed Sunset
As a shift worker, and after working a 12-hour night shift, I like to take time to go down to the water and watch the sun rise; watch the changing sky colours and shifting temperatures, watch the clouds reveal themselves. Witness what appears to be a magical awakening (all the shapes, colours, and textures), the highlights from the trees - turning from black, to blue, and then green. As all these changes happen, it makes me think of how hard we all have worked through the tough times and how these times can all look so different for so many. In the midst of it all, we are all working through the tough times together. Just like the sunrise, together, we are waking up brighter each day.

#21 Lyn Verra-Lay
Periwinkle was my favourite crayon colour when I was a child, so when I discovered the flower of the same name, I began planting them in my gardens. Also called Creeping Myrtle, this ground cover plant has lovely evergreen foliage that lasts throughout the year.

#22 Melissa Peacock
Songs from the Pond
For my proposal, I was thinking about the relatively new Newton Pond area, and how excited we are to see pond birds finally start moving into it. Therefore, I have a very rough draft featuring red-winged blackbirds making a ruckus on their cattails, with sharp patterned shapes to represent their piercing call.

#23 Rowena Del Pena
The Valley
“My creations are inspired by the places that takes my breath away or the feeling it gives me. This art is inspired by the beauty of the Oknagan Valley. I only see this landform in books and I was in awe when finally saw it in real life.”

#24 Samantha Dean
A Moonlit Forest
This painting is of a landscapes at dusk, featuring a deer taking a drink of water from a stream in the forest.

#25 Savina Purewal
Vistas at Dusk
This piece was inspired by the stunning hikes that I have been fortunate enough to do in BC's backcountry. From glacier lakes, to alpine meadows and epic vistas, the mountain ranges in BC are magnificent influences in my body of work. I hope this piece gives you a glimpse into how I feel when I spend time in nature and all its splendor.

#27 Wendy Mould
Hiking and kayaking are my favourite activities. I always look for signs of nature. Catching a glimpse of this black tail deer on the trail, was a special moment and one I couldn’t wait to share with you.

#28 Isabelle Kardosi
Wild Flowers
Some people consider wildflowers to be weeds. Wildflowers give pollen and nutrients to bees, butterflies, insects and more. Most wildflowers have lots of health benefits to people including daisy and dandelion. Not only are wildflowers a big part of our ecosystem, they are also colourful and nice to look at. I hope that people will consider keeping patches of wildflowers.

#29 Cheyanne Hare

#30 Fatima Khan

#31 Kurt Linke

#32 Harpreet Arneja