YACOS Virtual Gallery Exhibition | Climate Justice through Art | April 2022

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION April 1 - 30th featuring the Visual & Literary work of Surrey Youth Artists
members of
[Youth Arts Council of Surrey]

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Visual Arts

Literary Arts

climate justice for mother nature by Hanna Grover

the tranquil waves, whispering me to the limitless sand
the glistening sun, bouncing off the indigo waters
little do we know, a deep truth lies beneath them
the ocean full of being, washes up death on its shore
the sea animals we admire from afar, now choking on the plastic that plunders

the clouds, different shapes, different pictures
the splash of blue that brings us joy
the whistling breeze, running through our hair
our skies now blackened, the clouds now gray
the air we breathe,

the years of stories they tell
the oxygen they provide
the pillars of the forest, now teared down
by nobody,
but us

the blanket that lies beneath our feet
and the home of many
a symbol of growth, perseverance, and patience
now treated with nothing
but disrespect

the light that brightens our darkest days
and one that hugs the greenery with love and strength
an energy never before seen now evolved into a raging glare
our temperatures incomprehensible, leaving burning embers behind

Mother Nature is weeping, each element now destroyed
as we’ve torn down the beauty she created
now we must come together to reflect on our mistakes
and hand out justice
all before
it’s too late.


The Erase of Nature by Sanjana Karthik

The only chalky
Smudge in the sky
Is not affiliated with the clouds
It is a fabrication


Lasting residue
From intruding planes

Streaking the somber azure skies
With toxicity and lies

As if its beautiful sight
Omits its silhouettes,
Its radiance

Human’s reach
Has brought destruction
And now,
It absconds with more ..

More of everything
From everywhere

More air
More lush green plants
More freedom
Disintegrated, without care

Who else may be hurt
When and where?

There is nothing
We mortals
Won’t put on a leash

To secure more profits
Till all our resources
Are drawn

And then we reckon
For a balance
Between humans, and trees
A time forgotten
Until we are on our knees

Imploring for more of the things
We once destroyed
Trying to piece together
Yet again...
Our own void