PHOTO TIPS: Take Great Shots of Your Art

Submitting photos of your artwork for jury is the way of the ‘exhibition’ future …at least for the foreseeable future.

The ACS has compiled a series of TIPS for your consideration. After all – we want you to put your best image forward whenever you enter a visual arts competition.

Put Your Best Image Forward

A: Remove glass if you can – if not – build a ‘tent’ of black fabric to reduce glare on the glass
B: If you are photographing a 3D object, use a white tent with a little hole for the camera – put light around the outside of the fabric to diffuse the light.
C: For visual art with texture, avoid ‘hotspots’ – place art on wall or easel – have two light sources (put white fabric in front of lights to soften the light) – measure to make sure the two lights are equal distance from the art work. D: Don’t use a flash! E: If all else fails – shoot outside on an overcast day with art facing ‘North’.

A: Make sure your photos are taken ‘straight on’. A crooked photo, or one taken on an angle takes away from your work.
B: If your artwork is detailed, consider taking one photo of the overall work and then one or two close-up of the detail.
C: When shooting outdoors, shoot on overcast days or in an even shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight – it can cast a yellow/orange hue over your work. Watch for shadows.
D: Consider hiring a photographer. Contact the

A: Use a tripod or stable surface to avoid camera shake (blurring) and ensure a ‘straight’ picture.
B: Pick only one type of light… fluorescent, halogen or LED. Multiple types of light can produce effects, such as changing the colour of your work which will not help promote your art.
C: Think about ‘bouncing light’ with shiny surfaces like metal or foil.

ED NOTE: Regardless of what type of camera you use, set it for High Resolution [HR] images. Google your camera type on how-to! A HR can be used for both Print (programmes or magazines) or converted for web viewing. Remember, you can not convert a Low Resolution image to print quality! Do not copy images from your website.