ACS VIRTUAL GALLERY | October 2023 | Pam Assi

ACS VIRTUAL GALLERY | October 2023 | Pam Assi

Solo Exhibition

October 1- 27
RECEPTION | Open to the Public | Saturday, October 10th | 1-3pm

ARTIST STATEMENT | I use photography as a tool ‘to capture a moment in time’. I like the variety that nature provides to my canvas such as spring blossom and the vibrancy of colour and patterns of summer flowers. I interpret the gestures, poses and behaviours of birds into stories on my canvas and they are brought to life through my expressive painting style. I am transported to magical and mystical lands through the tales told in books and movies and the canvas brings my imagination to life. My paintings subconsciously reflect a part of me and have been described as ‘happy’ with a ‘childlike quality’ and a ‘touch of humour’.

In-Person Viewing at the ACS GALLERY
in Newton Cultural Centre
No Appointment Required | 604.594.2700

ENJOY THE VIRTUAL EXHIBITION BELOW | Click on images to enlarge.
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AN ONLINE EXCLUSIVE | Be sure to watch this great interview-style video with the exhibiting artist in this Solo exhibition entitled ‘ONE WITH NATURE’ featuring Pam Assi. Gain insight into the inspiration behind her works of art.

Interview conducted by - and video produced by - Wendy Mould.

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