ACS FEATURE: Art Spot Launch: A Welcomed Success #artspot

CLICK HERE: See Photos of reception taken by Surrey Photography Club member Gail Stephan

Nearly 50 art patrons and media joined Surrey Councillor Mike Starchuk, ACS President Carol Girardi and C50C (Celebrate 50 Committee) Chair James Crosty, City staff, Businesses and Cultural Influencers Wednesday, May 9th at 1pm to officially launch what is believed to be North America’s first ART SPOT! The ART SPOT at 72nd and 88th are geographic markers identifying cultural experiences nearby in the City.

The launch of the ART SPOT is a milestone in the cultural history of Surrey arts community. The 72nd ART SPOT leads to the Newton Cultural Centre [HQ for the ACS] while the one located at 88th & KGB leads to the Surrey Arts Centre, which celebrates their 50th anniversary this year [2018].

Each ART SPOT is identified by four brightly coloured sidewalks, signage explaining the ART SPOT and an colour decal in the middle of the intersection communicating: ACS 50th LEGACY ART SPOT. “The ART SPOT is designed to accomplish multiple tasks.” notes C50C Chair and ACS Director James Crosty. “We hope to see more in Surrey!” concludes Crosty.

So what is an ART SPOT? “An ART SPOT identifies a Surrey cultural facility is close by and encourages you to visit. Second, they are a legacy marker recognizing ACS’s 50th years promoting the Arts in Surrey. Third, the colourful sidewalks and intersections make both driver and pedestrian more attentive of their environment. Lastly, the bright colours and message make all who experience them think about the Arts in Surrey.” concludes Crosty.

After the official Launch ACS hosted a Wine [Vinoscenti] and Cheese accented by comments from Clr. Starchuk and Crosty, a ‘special recognition’ Membership presentation by ACS President Carol Girardi to Hitex’s Chris Agnew, story boards [ & Minuteman Press: Surrey] documenting the process and an astounding drone aerial video from creation to completion of the ART SPOT by videographer Roman Ansari.