PSA: Surrey Intl Lantern Festival OPENS OCT 31

The Surrey International Lantern Festival 2018 called the ‘Art of Lights’ is finally set to open its doors to the public starting October 31st – Halloween! But no need to panic – it is scheduled to run until January 6th.

The scene at the Cloverdale’s Bill Reid Millennium Park is one of complete wonder. From Giant Dinosaurs to revolving Pagodas to an assortment of strange and magical creatures – it is all yours to take in.

If you are a Visual artists in any medium – this event will surely inspire you. Visit their website for ticket and event details.

Why Wait – click here for tickets!

Here is a little description from their website:
GREAT NEWS! We are opening on Oct 31st. Thank you so much for your patience! Get ready to be amazed by our fabulous glowing lanterns. We have prepared something special for the Halloween Night. Bring your kids to our Halloween Night and enjoy our free Halloween make up service.

The pre-open tickets can be used on any day. Customers who purchased the pre-open ticket will receive a small gift if they come to our event on Oct 31st.

Photo: Surrey Now Leader