BRANDING: 6 Steps by Giesbrecht

With Isolation – comes reflection – and we thought this a good time to return to an older post by visual artist and designer KATINA GIESBRECHT. Katina has identified 6 Easy Steps to Branding, and we thought this the perfect time for you to review these steps and see how they can be applied to your brand.
Who would have thought you could come out of this Covid crisis better and stronger as an artist? Katina’s insights on Branding will make sure you do.

Be sure to take a look at Katina’s other works at her website and we encourage you to read her article ‘Reflections…on the Covid-19 Crisis’, featured in the May edition of SPOTLIGHT on the ARTS [Access Article Here]

BRANDING: 6 Easy Steps by Katina Giesbrecht [CLICK HERE]