CITY | New Public Art Installation | ‘The Living Fraser’

New Public Artwork Installation at Fraser Heights Recreation Centre

A new artwork has been unveiled at the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre entitled The Living Fraser by Casto Solano. The artwork is inspired by the Fraser River and its significance as a gathering place to share knowledge and experiences. Solano describes the sculpture as a “shimmering river of steel” that connects the earth and sky. The artwork is made of marine-grade stainless steel that illuminates with different colours at night.

Casto Solano is a Spanish artist with over twenty years of experience in public art and sculpture. Solano has designed numerous public artworks worldwide, from static sculptures and figures to interactive pieces in high-profile places such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.



Artist: Casto Solano
Location: Fraser Heights Recreation Centre (10588 160 Street)
Category: Civic collection
Year Installed: 2023